We offer many preventative maintenance services including oil and fluid services, wheel and tire upgrades, setup for storage and inspection for road tour season activities



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We are interested in finding just the vehicle that you dream of.  Whether it is local or in another state we locate and transport to you.

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​I'm an auto enthusiast that wants to offer you the attention to detail that you strive for.  With my network of craftsmen we can get your project completed.  Working one project at a time for more personal attention.

Custom cars, hot rods, muscle cars and trucks are a different type of project, whether it is a simple check up or a major upgrade/ installation project.  We evaluate and discuss your specifics then act.  Progress reports with pictures and current charges are sent weekly so that you are up-to-date on all activities.

Local:  I work from my shop only, but can contract with specialists for additional project work.  Local vendors for parts and supplies are used when necessary however major components are sourced from the specific manufacturers.

Estimates:  Classic vehicles, mostly over 30 years old, require thorough inspection to get to the specifics of your project. Thus, providing precise estimates is unrealistic.  We prefer to inspect your project and discuss your expectations.

Pricing:  I work by the hour plus parts and supplies.  I'm reasonable but stuff happens and projects are impossible to be held to strict estimates, so we work in general terms.  Payments are expected as work progress es.

Scope:  Where we don't do all project skills required we contract with local specialists for such as technical welding, body & paint and upholstery. 

Quality:  This is job number 1- I use only the best, most appropriate, cost effective parts and supplies.  

We've got you covered from front to back.  Engine transplants, suspension and brake upgrades, add an A/C system, cooling system upgrades and more.  Exhaust and muffler upgrades for just the right sound, you bet.


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